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Fast Ride by Debby ConradFAST RIDE
Amazon Kindle Edition

Holly Mayfield is horny! She hasn’t been with a man since her divorce two years ago, and it’s driving her crazy. And she’s not willing to settle for just anyone. There’s only one man who can scratch her itch, her next door neighbor. The only problem is, finding the nerve to tell the man what she needs.

Kenny Larson is perfectly content without a woman in his life, or so he thinks. After losing his wife and son in an auto accident, and while still recuperating mentally and physically, he’s not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship, especially with the ditzy redhead next door. But when Holly suggests they have sex for the sake of having sex, he has to admit the idea has a certain amount of appeal. And soon the sparks begin to fly.

Holly and Kenny manage to have plenty of hot, sweaty sex, but can these two mismatched souls find love while romping between the sheets?

See Jane Love by Debby ConradSEE JANE LOVE
Amazon Kindle Edition

Janie Callahan is determined to learn firsthand about passion, desire and hot, steamy sex when her latest romance novel is rejected by her publisher. According to her editor, her stories lack the kind of sexual tension most romance readers enjoy reading about. And unless Janie can push the envelope with her love scenes, she’s afraid her writing career will be down the toilet. But how is she supposed to write about something she’s never experienced before? The only two lovers she’s ever had were duds. In other words, there were no orgasms, at least not for her. Feeling frustrated, she decides the only way to cure her ‘little problem’ is to engage in a fling with a man. And she knows just the man to help her; sexy, bad-boy, Gabe Montero. Only problem is, Gabe isn’t interested. At least not yet, anyway. But what happens when Gabe realizes he’s being used for research? Will he go along with being used or walk out of Janie’s life for good?

Cover of Love, Lies & High HeelsLOVE, LIES & HIGH HEELS
Amazon Kindle Edition

LUKE GALLOWAY doesn’t lie.  Well, not normally.  And never about anything as serious as death.  But, somehow Luke’s friend and business partner, Sam Paris, convinces Luke that he needs to do just that.  Sam believes the only way his daughter will come back to see him is if he were dying.  And so the lies begin . . .

RUSTY PARIS has been alone most of her life.  Her parents were divorced when she was very young.  Rusty was pushed off to boarding schools, while her mother made a hobby of marrying rich men.  She doesn’t remember much about her father, only that he never made an attempt to be a part of her life for the past twenty-one years.  But all that is about to change.  When she gets word he is dying, she runs home to be by his side, which puts in right in the path of that scoundrel Luke Galloway.

Luke has no room in his life for rich heiresses.  Been there.  Done that.  From the first time Luke and Rusty meet, they clash.  She considers him nothing more than a lowly ranch hand who enjoys riling her temper.  He considers her arrogant and prissy.  But that doesn’t mean he can fight his attraction to her, nor hers to him.  And when they find out they’ve both been duped by Rusty’s father the sparks really start to fly.

Bailey's Irish Dream by Debby ConradBAILEY'S IRISH DREAM
Amazon Kindle Edition

BAILEY MAGUIRE has just been dumped by her third fiancé. She can’t understand what’s so wrong with her that she can’t get a guy to stick around long enough to actually marry her. She’s reasonably attractive, a decent person (unless lying counts against her), and she has money. It just doesn’t make sense.

Fretting over how to tell her parents the wedding is off she comes up with a plan. Since her parents have never met Stanley, she decides to get someone to pose as him. Someone her parents will loathe. Someone her parents will be only too happy to find out their daughter has decided not to marry after all. It sounds easy, right?

ZEDIDIAH QUINN is trying desperately to keep his head above water, but with a stack of bills a mile high, it hasn’t been easy. He has no regrets helping with his twin nephews’ exorbitant medical bills, but if he doesn’t come up with the kind of cash he needs by the end of the month, he’s going to lose Quinn’s Bar and Grill, the business he built from the ground up.

When Quinn overhears Bailey’s plan to dupe her parents with a phony fiancé, he thinks the idea is ludicrous. Although, when he discovers she’s willing to pay an obscene amount of money to the man who helps her, he entertains the idea. Briefly.

Later that same night, Bailey shows up at the bar and makes Quinn an offer he can’t refuse. Quinn thinks she’s crazy, but when he realizes the money could actually save his business, he starts having second thoughts. All he has to do is show up for dinner at Bailey’s house, meet her family, act like a jerk, and leave. Simple, right? Wrong. This is where it all starts.

Every Breath You TakeEvery Breath You Take
Amazon Kindle Edition

Hollin Pierce’s past comes back to haunt her when she returns to Whisper Lake, Pennsylvania.  Trying to help her mother hang on to the home, which has been in their family for generations, is an uphill battle, and Hollin has no choice but to sell some of the surrounding land.  But the only man interested in buying is Griffin Wells, the man who was convicted of raping Hollin thirteen years ago.

Griffin still maintains his innocence to this day, claiming he was framed.  And as Hollin gets to know him again, the attraction and feelings she once had for him return as she slowly realizes she made a grave mistake.  She sent the wrong man to prison.

She also realizes that if Griffin wasn’t the one who raped her when she was a teenager, then someone else did, and that someone is running around free.  Now she can’t decide who to trust, and when her sister ends up murdered, Hollin knows it’s only a matter of time before someone comes after her.

Amazon Kindle Edition

Steamy adultery and romance, secrets and murder – that’s what the McLaughlin family is made of.

Ross McLaughlin hasn’t cared for a woman since his wife died, and his teenage daughter Emma is enthralled with a wannabe rock star.  When they receive a letter about a sick loved one, Ross reluctantly heads back home.  The naïve Emma can hardly wait to meet her family and find out about their past, yet Ross harbors an unspeakable secret: a member of his family might just be her mother’s killer.  After this summer on the lake, the McLaughlin’s lives will never be the same.

Amazon Kindle Edition

Joe Flynn is just like any other twelve-year-old his age, except for one thing.  Joe has witnessed a murder.  The only thing is, no one believes him.  Not his mother, and certainly not the detective assigned to the “alleged” case.  At least not until dead bodies start popping up. 

After thirteen years, Detective Roman MacKenzie has had enough of big city crime in New York and craves the crime-free existence of the small town where he was born.  But no sooner than Roman returns to Salmon Lake, PA, he not only finds himself in the middle of a serial murder investigation, but he’s drawn to the woman he left behind all those years ago--Angela Flynn. 

Angela’s son is the only witness they have, and it’s Roman’s job to protect him from the killer.  Only the detective has no idea that the boy he’s risking his life to save is also his son.  Nor does he realize that, looming in the shadows, is the killer and he’s bent on making Angela his next victim. 

Everything But the Truth
The Wild Rose Press
First Crimson Rose Edition edition
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After witnessing a murder, Peyton Delaney is on the run from the mob and looking for protection--disguised as a hooker. She has no idea who to trust anymore, especially when the detective who was supposed to keep her safe is shot and she discovers it was an inside job. Now, at the detective’s insistence, she must find his best friend and beg for the man’s help. But how can she be sure she can trust this man?

Ex-cop Reeve Sinclair has no room in his life for a woman like Peyton, yet he agrees to babysit her as a favor to a friend. Reeve soon finds he has more trouble than dodging bullets; he’s actually fallen in love with a hooker, or so he thinks.

Five Hearts!

Peyton Delaney has relocated from a small Iowa community to the Big Apple to help women and girls who are in trouble. She never expects to get involved with the Mob. When she walks into her church right after a murder has been committed she finds herself running for her life. Disguised as a hooker she finds life can be vicious for anyone who looks different. Reeve Sinclair quit the police force to raise his young son after his wife died. Hookers are some of his least favorite people. Called on to protect Peyton the two both find their eyes opened and their lives changing in unexpected ways.

Debby Conrad pens a great suspense with imperfect characters who seem totally human with all their frailties. Peyton's positive outlook on life and people has to change as well as Reeve's more negative expectations. The process if often fun and funny in the midst of spine tingling suspense. The Mob never gives up. Sonny Donatelli isn't one to let his love for family stand in the way of having his word be law. Anyone who crosses him takes the risk of wearing cement boots at the bottom of the ocean.

It's so easy to form an attachment to Ms. Conrad's characters, even the bad guys at times. There's some excellent dialogue as well as scenarios that make them come alive. When the people act out of character it's sometimes hilarious even though it never detracts from the suspense or the action. I really like the way this author builds all parts of her tale into a whole novel that leaves me wanting to read more of her work.

-- Dee Dailey, for The Romance Studio

debby conrad, author
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